NYC Midnight Short Screenplay 2020

Placed #9 out of over 1,500 writers worldwide, each screenplay written following competition prompts and within a 48-hour window.

Drama Feature – Braided River

After a death in the family, a jet-setting corporate elite must return to her humble home in regional Queensland and face the family she left behind.

BRAIDED RIVER is an original drama concept in development, written by Mikaela Cumbers and Taylor Bennett.

A drama set amongst the backdrop of the luscious and productive FNQ landscape, Braided River explores the complexities of adult sibling relationships and what happens when a childhood home is left in the hands of a fractured family.


A drama anthology following modern-day love in the Asian LGBTIQ+ Community. Think, “Modern Love” meets “The L Word Gen Q“; these are the moving and vibrant stories of a minority within a minority.


A short anthology series exploring the unexpected and tangible horrors that lurk in the shadows of our world. Think, “Lights Out” meets “Creepshow“; these cinematic shorts lead you on a red herring adventure with insidious conclusions.

If you’d like to find out more about any of these projects, or discuss new ones, please get in touch.